Retrospective WALK THROUGH of Shanmuga Realtors

Journey from Insignificant to GIANT Status

Is not it surprising that a man who knew nothing about Real Estates, but only loaded with lofty and noble dreams of serving the society in real estate industry landed in the capital of Tamilnadu famously known all around the world as CHENNAI? Yes, the founder Mr S Sathya nanth from Tirunelveli, land of dryness only to have grown a GIANT in the industry by his sheer understanding of the nuances of real estate industry and the need and pulse of the people.

Yes, he was none other than the founder of Shanmuga Realtors Mr  Sathyananth- affectionately called “Sathya” in the industry. A tiny aspiring business man with bubbling, enviable enthusiasm whose only aim was to help the all sections of  local population in Tamilnadu and all other people who live in other states of India including people of Indian Origin living  all around the world to have a piece of land. His philosophy was “Both for CLASSES and MASSES…BUT MASSES FIRST”.  Though, he came from the extreme southern part of Tamilnadu TIRUNELVELI which is not so famous for literacy rate comparing to other parts of the state, but a place well known for its contribution to the INDIA’s  freedom. Yes, the place gave a lot of men and women who sacrificed their life in the journey of India’s struggle towards British colonial.

Who can forget the world famous VEERA PANDIA KATTABOMMAN  who stands testimony to the bravery of entire southern part of Tamilnadu who was NIGHTMARE  to the entire  BRITISH rule. Mr Sathyananth too always feels proud to come from such a land of RICH LEGACY which showed extra ordinary velour to the history of India.

Greenery Vision
Indeed, it is really astonishing that a man from Tirunelveli, a DRY place in Tamilnadu compared to other parts of the state had such a great “GREENERY” vision for his people through serving in the real estate industry. 

Vision Accomplished

Mr Sathyananth’s extra ordinary character took the industry by surprise by his PATH BREAKING business initiatives which eventually ended in helping the masses to own a piece of land in their names. Mr Sathyananth would have taken the easy route of satisfying the creamy people who could afford to pay any amount of money. But, his vision was to see the SMILE on the faces of lower and middle class people.  So, all his missions were aimed at achieving his vision which he has achieved them successfully in these 12 year time with over 100 projects so far and the service continues with new projects added to the credit quite often.

Friend of Affluent too
Mr Sathyananth also ensured that he catered to the desires of affluent people who wanted to ensure they got the best piece of lands for their money’s worth thereby made sure he struck the right balance by serving both the masses and classes. Indeed, a REAL man to whom people from all walks of life looked to for any dream of owning a piece of land with lot of CONFIDENCE and TRUST.
Journey Goes On and On…

Mr Sathya always used to say “ONLY those who win some EARTH on Earth entitle for Getting into the HISTORY”. Yes, true to this statement Mr Sathya worked his life to complementing his belief with his VISION – “A PLACE for all” and achieved it to his best satisfaction. He NEVER believes “living in laurels” and interested in RESTING and the journey GOES ON and ON…