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JJ Nagar - 100th Project
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MGR Nagar

Rs. 150 /- Per Sq. Ft


Shanmuga Realtors

REAL ESTATE: Our Definition
R - Stands for REAL
E - Stands for EMPOWERMENT
A - Stands for AFFECTION
L - Stands for LIFE

Shanmuga Realtors always believes in doing things differently . In the same way, we MEAN the word “real” in “real estate” as It is “An act of buying” that TRULY gives empowerment to your life, your beloved family and to your future generation. It is a prudent act of investment in land that shows affection that you care your life and your loved ones.”
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21st Century Belongs to Land Owners

So, it is finally boiled down to which investment is safe? Which is risk free? Which requires no cost involved for maintenance? Which investment requires no more effort to make it bigger? Which grows by itself manifold? Which gives satisfaction to family…stay rental or as owners? Which takes care of both investment perspective and personal satisfaction quotient at one shot? The 21st century’s answer for all these questions is “Land Investment”.
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